Molinari Bio Organic Coffee Beans (3000g)


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Molinari Bio Organic Coffee Beans - in addition to the value of organic products (wholesomeness, respect for the environment, rigorously controlled raw ingredients), it features the best Arabica on the American continent and the body, richness, and an after-taste of spices typical of the Indian Robusta.

This blend confers features of softness and balanced acidity in addition to a sweet and lasting flavour with intriguing chocolate features, floral bouquet, overtones of honey and bee’s wax, fragrance of cacao, as well as the after-taste of incense, sandalwood and Indian spices.

Flavor notes: delicate, vanilla, honey, dried fruits, nutmeg, nuts.

What can you expect from Molinari Bio Organic Coffee Beans?

STRENGTH - from mild to heavy
Kaffen er rated til 2
BODY - from light to full
Kaffen er rated til 3
ACIDITY - from low to high
Kaffen er rated til 1
ROASTING - from light to dark
Kaffen er rated til 2
ARABICA - amount of arabica used
Kaffen er rated til 1

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