Coffee Pods E.S.E


Easy Serving Espresso Pod (E.S.E. pod). The single-dose pod "Aroma Lunga Durata" (long-lasting aroma) for pod espresso machines. Contains the right dose for a cup of coffee and makes it possible to have coffee at home as in the coffee bar. The single-dose pod, is easy to use and guarantees maximum hygiene and cleanliness.

The Easy Serving Espresso pod (E.S.E. pod), is a small packed coffee pod with a paper filter covering for use in a non-grinding espresso machine. The E.S.E. standard is maintained by the Consortium for the Development and the Protection of the E.S.E. Standard. It is open to all coffee roasters and machine manufacturers, making it the self-acclaimed only open system available to the sector for espresso coffee prepared with paper pods. Each E.S.E. pod contains seven grams of coffee compressed into filter pod with a 44 mm diameter. You will not go wrong with Coffee Pods.

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