COVID-19 - hold afstand og Pas på hinanden


We are all in an extraordinary situation, where the government has launched several initiatives to curb the spread of coronavirus. CoffeeTime naturally follows all recommendations from the authorities, while we try to adapt to the circumstances. That is why we have introduced several initiatives to ensure that our customers get the experience that it is “business as usual”.

Delivery time in EU

You can still expect the delivery of your goods within 24-48 hours (weekdays) from the time you have ordered. However, we make reservations for any delays at Postnord, Bring, DPD etc.

Delivery to the North Atlantic countries

Delivery to Greenland, Faroe Islands and Iceland usually work.

Conditions in warehouse & office

High hygiene has always been a top priority. Small teams are working at the warehouse in Odense to avoid physical contact, and home workplaces have been established.

Of course, we follow the situation closely and make reservations for sudden changes.

Take care, Frederik & Co.