JURA Business & Pro maskiner

JURA Business & Pro machines

JURA Business and Professional automatic espresso machines are the optimum choice wherever 30 to 200+ coffees are consumed per day.

Swiss engineered. Superior quality

Across the JURA range, every single detail is crafted to the highest standards. All aspects come together to create a refined, effortless experience for you and your guests alike.

JURA automatic espresso machines are designed to make the perfect coffee every time. They feature many different programming options so that you can vary your coffee to enjoy your favourite bean varieties and specialities.

JURA offers a wide selection of speciality coffees both with and without milk, from ristretto to cappuccino, at the touch of a button. Innovative technologies create the perfect result every time – always freshly ground, not capsuled.

Minimal maintenance

With an intuitive operating concept, large capacities and TÜV-certified cleanliness, the machines require minimal maintenance. Integrated rinsing and cleaning programmes ensure perfect cleanliness– and delicious coffee – at the touch of a button.

Tailored to the area of use

A range of accessories allows JURA espresso machines to be tailored to individual requirements, creating a complete coffee solution. From shops, offices and bed-and-breakfasts to catering for functions or business events, the range of speciality coffees can be adapted to suit the area of use, no matter what the product line. This is done with the help of intuitive programming and disables functions.

JURA Giga X-series

JURA Giga X-serien

JURA Giga X8 / JURA Giga X3

When only the best is good enough. The concentrated power of up to two grinders, two pumps and two parallel fluid systems, as well as user-friendliness and premium quality, makes for a unique performance. Discover the world of the GIGA X-series, where the enjoyment of coffee is redefined.

Recommended maximum daily output per machine: up to 200 cups

JURA X-series

JURA X-serien


When a sturdy, all-purpose coffee machine is needed. Stylish, sturdy, practical and reliable, the professional X-series from JURA is perfect for open-plan offices, self-service areas and catering. In addition to flexibility, simplicity and high capacity, it offers reliable and intuitive operation.

The X-series can be flexibly combined with various accessories, making it the ideal basis for tailor-made complete coffee solutions.

Recommended maximum daily output per machine: up to 80 cups.

JURA WE-series

JURA WE-serien
For lovers of coffee specialities. Coffee supports creativity, promotes communication and increases well-being. That's why JURA designed the "plug and enjoy" espresso machines that enable people to enjoy their favourite beverage with style in the workplace. Their greatest strengths are flexibility, aesthetics and simplicity and the enlarged capacity of the bean container, water tank and coffee grounds container.

Recommended maximum daily output per machine: up to 30 cups.