You need to use that.

  • 25 ml espresso
  • 25 ml of hot milk and possibly milk foam

You have to do that.

  • Put an espresso and a coffee run at the coffee shop.
  • Chew up an Espresso with 25 cc's on your Yura machine.
  • Use your milk number to make hot milk and possibly. Scum cream.

Proposal for server

Rewarded espresso cup or glass and possibly. Sugar. You can do good with me. French vanilla syrup is also available in a Sugar-free variant.

A cortado is a potion made up of a lot of espresso, with a part warmed milk, served so the espresso's "crema" still lies on top of the coffee.

In Cuba, the drive is called cortadito. Cortado originates in the Spanish language, which means 'cut' (cortar). The name suggests that the sharp taste of an espresso has been cut off by adding a slightly warmed milk. I mean, a lot of espresso and a lot of hot milk. The drink is popular in Spain and Portugal, as well as in Latin America.