Hvornår har du sidst renset vandtanken?

When was the last time you cleaned the water tank?

That can quickly get calcium deposits in your water tank, which neither looks nice or appetizing out.The limestone in the water it has, unfortunately, to put its mark in the machine's water tank. In most cases, you can decalcify your water tank. It does not help, you can also order a new water tank.

You can clean your Jura water tank in the following way:

  1. you Have a water filter in the water tank, it must be taken up and be put in a glass of water, so it does not dry out.
  2. Fill the water in the water tank and add 3 afkalkningstabletter from the Jura (the same number that you use, if you water softener your Jura machine)
  3. Let the mixture stand in the water tank overnight - approx. 10 hours.
  4. Make sure to have flushed the water tank well afterwards, so there are no solution into the filter when it is put in again.

Depending on how much your water tank is included by the lime you can repeat the process if you are not satisfied with the first result.