JURA J.O.E.® replaces all previous jura apps

J.O.E. from JURA is the most modern, intuitive and simplest way to use your JURA espresso machine. Da 30. July 2019 is JURA previous apps like JURA Coffee App and Jura Connect have been replaced with J.O.E.

Therefore, use the J.O.E. from JURA app to take advantage of all the features of your JURA espresso machine. With J.O.E., you can control your JURA machine from your smartphone, tablet and Apple Watch with all convenient touch screen use.

J.O.E.® is compatible with all Jura's espresso machines equipped with Smart Connect below; Jura WE6, Jura WE8, Jura X6, Jura X8, Jura X10Law Giga X3 And Jura Giga X8.

Learn more about JURA J.O.E.® Here.

Auto-translated from Danish to English by Google.