Law Hygiene Certificate from TÜVRheinland

All Jura espresso machines has a maintenance-free brewing unit that is self-cleaning. The cleaning program simply needs to be activated with a single push of the button. It guarantees the very best hygiene required in professional environments.

In order to clean the brewing unit, it is not necessary to remove the brewing unit as seen with competing fully automatic espresso machines. Jura's brewing unit is self-cleaning and needs Not a technician visit resulting in significant operational savings. The cleaning program is activated with a single push of the button when the machine asks for it.

A simple cleaned atfrom Jura which both cleans and protects the machine and 15 minutes later the machine is cleaned with about 80°C hot water. The high temperature is necessary to achieve the highest level of cleanliness. It is typically done for every 200 cups the espresso machine has produced.

The patented brewing unit from Jura - the heart of any fully automatic Jura Espresso machine - is optimally cleaned through the fully automatic and precisely tuned cleaning program right up to the coffee outlet. In the form of Jura's modern and innovative technologies, the cleaning process is carefully timed and removes the remaining coffee residues, coffee oils and fats without leaving residues.

The brewing unit is automatically lubricated again when the machine is used due to the natural fats left by the coffee beans.

The high standard of hygiene has been tested and certified by TÜVRheinland® independent laboratory test. The analyses were carried out on hygienically relevant components of Jura's machines that were in daily use for months. In addition to all coffee-bearing components, such as brewing unit and coffee outlet, the following were also checked;

  • Water tank
  • Bean container
  • Coffee grinder
  • Coffee shaft
  • Grime and wastewater tray
  • Milk froze, hoses and milk container

Jura also saves on other automatic maintenance program which eliminates expensive service agreements typically seen by competing espresso machines. Here you can see automatic switching water filter And descaling system.