Rigtig mælk & plantebaserede mælkealternativer til din Jura

Real Milk & Plant-Based Milk Alternatives to Your Jura

If you have a Jura espresso machine and are you vegan, allergies or if you just have a love of plant-based drinks you are not alone.

I have gathered some information about the use of plant-based drinks that you can use with your Jura espresso machine. As a starting point, you can use all kinds of plant-based drinks. However, the amount of protein in the plant-based drink determines whether it can be skimmed satisfactorily.

Whether it's real milk or plant-based milk drinks, I recommend a minimum protein content of 2.5% to achieve a good result.

The milk must be heated to a maximum of 68°, otherwise the milk loses its sweetness and will taste burnt. This also applies to plant-based milk drinks. If the protein content is at least 2.5%, lactose-free milk, soy, wheat and almond milk can be skimmed and thus easily applied to your Jura espresso machine where you can cook all the world coffee specialty. On the other hand, I do not recommend the use of rice milk.

Below I have summarized and set it in relation to the application using your Jura machine, where the "milk" is heated up and added to the coffee as either hot "milk froth" warm "milk" or both.

Both Soy milk And Almond milkmay well separate when added hot or cold coffee. However, as your Jura espresso machine automatically processes and warms the "milk" you avoid this and you can expect a satisfactory result and a particularly creamy and thick foam.

Med Oat milkyou can expect a fine foam that is less thick as that of soy and almond milk. Oat milk shouldn't separate, but either way, it can be avoided when using your Jura espresso machine which automatically processes and warms the oat milk.

It is not recommended to use Rice milk on your Jura machine if you want to achieve a satisfying creamy result with nice foam.

Try your hand at it. There is a difference in the world whether you use a fatty whole milk or skimmed milk. Whether you use organic or non-organic milk and whether you use plant-based milk alternatives such as Soya milk, Almond milk, oat milk, etc.

No matter where your love lands, always remember to clean your milk unitto avoid bacterial growth and achieve optimal hygiene. And fortunately, it happens automatically with when you have a Jura machine.