Sådan virker rensetabletterne fra Jura

How the cleaning tablets from Jura work

You've probably wondered why the cleaning tablets from Jura is two-piece in blue and white. This is because your Jura espresso machine cleaned over 2 phases. The blue part dissolves first and cleans the machine. Then 80° hot water through the brewing unit in a carefully measured interval and quantity.

Then dissolve the white part of the tablet, which lubricates and seals the brewing unit, so that coffee oils and grimaces subsequently have a harder time getting stuck.

Diagram of the cleaning process with Jura's cleaned tablets.

Your Jura machine should be cleaned with a tablet after approximately 180-200 cups of coffee. Your Jura machine tells you when to clean it by typing "Clean machine/Clean Machine" into the machine's display, after which the program simply needs to be started. The entire cleaning process of the brewing unit takes about 20 min.