Jura GIGA X8 & X8c Professional has expired

Jura GIGA X8 and Jura GIGA X8c Professional are paid out in favor of the newJura GIGA X8 G2  and Jura GIGA X8c G2  which is also a fully automatic espresso machine in the Pro class.

About Jura GIGA X8c Professional

The highly efficient GIGA X8c Professional coffee machine in stylish design triumphs with a unique Speed ​​feature and offers perfect coffee performance in record time. With extra "bypass", the optimally extracted coffee inside the full machine is mixed with hot water. This happens without any loss of aroma at all.

If the coffee over is extracted, the amount of unwanted acids and bitter substances increases sharply. Due to the Speed ​​function and the time-saving and intuitive easy operation, the GIGA X8c Professional is the ideal solution for the catering area. This space-saving solution with fixed water connection is recommended in places where the coffee machine should be used time-saving and without interruption.


The expanded capacity for hot water via the third thermo block contributes significantly to the Speed ​​function and thus to the perfect coffee result with record speed. Via a bypass line, the hot water enters the freshly brewed coffee and is thus mixed inside the vending machine.

The speed function can be adjusted according to the specific requirements. Not only 29 specialties, but also the home screen can be programmed individually, according to purpose and customer wishes. It allows you to change the names of the products and customize them on the display as you wish. Two coffee grinders guarantee, year after year, a fast, accurate, homogeneous paint and reduce the previous milling of the coffee to a quarter.

Cleaning / hygiene

The service is as easy as the operation and programming. Integrated flushing, cleaning and descaling programs minimize service work and guarantee TÜV-certified hygiene.


Thanks to a wide range of accessories such as cup heater, milk cooler, direct grime draft, direct residual water drain etc. For all areas of application, an optimal, complete coffee solution can be put together to suit your individual needs.

Jura GIGA X8c Professional fully automatic espresso machine (direct water)
Sku: 13724
Ean: 7610917137244

Jura GIGA X8 Professional fully automatic espresso machine (water tank)
Sku: 13742
Ean: 7610917137428

See itthe newJura GIGA X8 G2andJura GIGA X8c G2.