Molinari COSTA RICA espressopods e.p.e. (18 pods) are deleted;

MolinariCOSTA RICA espressopods e.p.e. (18 pods) is to be deleted for the benefit of the new Molinari Costarica espressopods e.p.e. (100 pods). The same flavor - just in a new wrapper with 100 pods instead of 18 pods.

See the newhere.

On MolinariCOSTARICA espressopods e.p.e. (18 pods)

COSTARICA has a pleasantly marked acidity with an intense aroma that finishes nice and spicy.

The flavor is brisk but balanced, which gives a mood of flowers.

Comes in a nice informative box with 18 pods.

Each pod is airtight wrapped in aluminiumspose; to keep the taste.