Molinari Ginseng kaffekapsler er udgået

Molinari Ginseng coffee capsules are discontinued

Molinari Ginseng coffee capsules have been discontinued. See our Nespresso compatible capsules here

Molinari Ginseng coffee capsules (10 capsules)

Nespresso compatible capsules with a wonderful intense aroma, with an intriguing note of ginseng. A strong and powerful espresso of a mix of high quality arabica and robusta. Intensity 10.

A great espresso coffee.

  • Compatible with Nespresso's capsule machines.
  • Medium roasting.
  • Individually packaged for the preservation of the freshness and aroma of the coffee.
  • Wonderful aroma with a sweet aromatic taste and a lively acidity.
  • Only used the best ingredients - made with Italian love.