Molinari instant coffee (100g) is obsolete

Molinari instant coffee (100g) is out of our range

Molinari instant coffee (100g)

Molinari Instant coffee is an instant coffee consisting of arabica coffee made in a lovely Italian blends from Molinari. The coffee is mellemristet and has a round and full-bodied taste with a pleasant acidity and notes of chocolate and spices.

Molinari's Instant Coffee is ideal for all who want a nice and quick cup of coffee including catering, conferences and companies.

Italian Caffe Molinari has more than 200 years of experience and is appreciated by kaffeentusiaster in the entire world and impress time and time again with their wonderful kaffeblends. Instant coffee is freeze dried coffee, which are stirred up in boiling water. A glass containing 100g instant coffee - enough for 50 cups of coffee.