Nudo Ekstra Jomfru-Olivenolie, Chili er udgået

Nudo Extra Jomorolith oil, Chili has gone

Nudo Extra Jomfru-Olive oil, Chili has outdone our sorrow.

Nudo Extra Jomorolith Olive oil, Chili (250 ml)

The oil oil is produced by Sicilian chilies, to bring the southern temper of olive oil to the mouth of Nudo. The Chilians are sundry and thus 100% environmentally friendly.

Why Nudo :
-An olive oil for the quality consumer
-100% natural Italian quality olive oil and Sicilian chili
-Cold-squeezed oil with sun-dried chili
-If you care about the strong 100% estimate of spicy chilica.

The oil is added to the oil for three weeks. Long enough for the chili flavor to claim, but not for so long as it takes over the taste.

The olives in Nudos aromatised oils are coming from the village of Moscufo in Abruzzo. The village lies in the area of Apruntino-Pescarese the DOP region, which means that production and authenticity are under strict legal control. In fact, this was the first DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetta) oil in Europe ever.

All Nudos olives are extra virgin-from the first cold-blooding. Olier, with this name, is of the highest quality and with the best taste.

What does extra virgin mean?
An extra virgin means the oil has the lowest possible acidity, less than 0.8% and the highest percentage of polyphenolis, which are the antioxidants that are so beneficial to health.

What does First Cold Pressing mean?
The first collusion means that the olive oil has been squeezed out of heat and that only olive oil is in production from the first press. Many producers push on more than once on the same olive oil, and also use heat to gain more oil. This means that the olive oil is being won out of lower quality.
Nudo never uses this method.

In the case of dressings-this should always be used cold-pressed oils, marinades, as the flavourings of a meal oil poured over the food, for example, the freshly cooked pasta, steaks and eggs-as dilation to bread or for slow stewing.

Very nice for the kitchen at the office. To give the papal salad, the sandwich or the food package, an extra pift.

Olive oil is packed in cans to protect it from sunlight. The quality and harshness of the harshness are avoided Emballagen selected with care for the environment. The lock is 57% reusable and weighs less than glass. The shipment is therefore more climate and CO2 friendly.

Finest metal can-so presentable in any kitchen.