Nudo extra virgin olive oil Lemon is deleted

Nudo extra virgin olive oil Lemon is out of our range

Extra virgin olive oil, Lemon (250 ml.)

The best flavoured oil. 100% amazing lemon flavor. As with olives for the oil, only the best quality of the lemons is used in the Nudo.

Why Nudo?:
- One olive oil for the quality consumer ,
100% natural Italian quality olive oil and Sicilian lemons
- Cold-pressed oil with genuine lemons
- According to the BBC Good Food.

Olives in Nudo's aromatised oils come from the village of Moscufo in Abruzzo. The village is located within Apruntino-Pescarese DOP region, which means that the production and authenticity are under strict legal control. In fact this was the first DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetta) oil in Europe ever. All Nudo's olive oils are extra virgin from the first cold pressing. Oils with this name are of the highest quality and with the best taste.

The Sicilian lemons come from the late harvest, as it is the one that gives the most subtle taste.

Fresh lemons are driven directly to the oil mill where olives and lemons are pressed together. This method ensures that the lemon and the oil's fruit cores interfere. In this way, the freshness and taste of the lemon will preserve as much as possible. This method means a big difference in taste and quality from other aromatised oils, which an extract or some dried fruit or herb is added later.

What does extra virgin mean?
Extra virgin means that the oil has the lowest possible acidity (less than 0,8% and the highest proportion of polyphenols which are the antioxidants that are so beneficial to your health.

What does first cold pressing mean?
First cold pressing means that the olive oil is pressed without the use of heat, and that there is only olive oil in the production from the first pressing. Many producers Press on the same olives several times and use heat to extract more oil. This means that the olive oil obtained is of lower quality.
Nudo never uses this method.

For dressings – always use cold-pressed oils, marinades as food flavour enhancers-the oil is poured over the food f.ex. the fresh-cooked pasta, the fried fish, white meat - like dipping into bread or slow cooking and baking.

Very nice for the kitchen in the office. To give the salad, the pasta salad, the sandwich, the fruit or the lunch box an extra whiff.

The olive oil is packed in cans to protect it from sunlight. This maintains quality and avoids bias. The packaging has been chosen with care for the environment. The Can is 57% recyclable and weigh less than glass. The shipment is therefore more climate - and CO2 friendly.

Finest metal can-very presentable in any kitchen.