Sal de Ibiza Sea salt with toasted sesame seeds has expired

Sal de Ibiza Sea salt with toasted sesame seeds has been discontinued from our range

Sal de Ibiza Sea salt with toasted sesame seeds, 100% natural

SAL de IBIZA Granito gomasio - sea salt with toasted sesame seeds.

SAL de IBIZA Granito in a classic medley of Asian varieties, with toasted dark and light sesame seeds. Great for dishes with eggs, salads and rice dishes - or for a spontaneous taste of Asia. A must-have ingredient for homemade sushi!

The salt comes with lots of sun, sea and a nice breeze from the Mediterranean .. Cristal de la Vida!

  • 100% sea salt
  • No additives - only added sun and a nice sea breeze from the Mediterranean.
  • Unique in mildness and taste
  • Hand-harvested and untreated
  • Rich in over 80 minerals

For more than 2,700 years, sea salt has been harvested in the saline fields of the Mediterranean island of Ibiza. The island's residents have always been very proud of their marine salt, which is considered one of the best of its kind in the world. Hand harvested in the Nature Reserve "Parc natural de ses Salines d 'Eivissa".

Unique in taste and texture, a rare and precious delicacy. The fragile "Fleur de Sel" crystals form only under conditions of lots of sunshine, low humidity and gentle winds. "Fleur de Sel" is exceptionally rich in over 80 vital minerals. It is a surprisingly mild, but very aromatic and tasty salt.

Comes in the finest container - perfect for the kitchen.