Espresso pods & coffee pods

Coffee pods - the alternative to Nespresso coffee capsules. Our coffee pods and espresso pods are a much better and cleaner alternative to Nespresso. E.S.E stands for Easy Serving Espresso. It is a system that is easy to operate, even for the inexperienced. It's a single dose of coffee that we know from coffee capsules. Just better, cleaner and cheaper. With our coffee pods, you also get "Aroma Lunga Durata" (long-lasting aroma) and fits all e.s.e. pod espresso machines.

Every single coffee pods contain the right dose for a cup of coffee or espresso, which makes it possible to make coffee at home, which can usually only be experienced, at the local coffee shop. The single-dose pod is easy to use and guarantees maximum hygiene and cleanliness.

Easy Serving Espresso pod (E.S.E. pod) is a small packaged coffee pad with a paper filter cover that can be used, in your e.s.e espresso machine.

The E.S.E. standard is maintained by a consortium as founding to develop and protect the E.S.E. standard. It is an open system for all coffee makers and espresso machine makers, making it the only open and free system available for the espresso coffee sector.

Each E.S.E. pod contains seven grams of coffee compressed to filter pod with a 44 mm diameter. Don't go wrong with our coffee pods, which are the right alternative to Nespresso.