JURA Espresso Machines

A new Jura espresso machine creates the WOW atmosphere in any business. Employees can enjoy being positively stimulated, which increases productivity and creates greater job satisfaction in everyday life. Customers and other guests will pull an extra time on the smiling band when they are served a lovely freshly brewed espresso, coffee or Caffe latte. The company sends a clear signal about quality, well-being and job satisfaction.

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The market abounds with fully automatic coffee machines in all kinds of shades. Common to most manufacturers is being able to produce and sell the cheapest fully automatic coffee machine. But when it goes beyond the quality and service life of the product, you are left with a coffee machine that is straightforward to run on the recycling site. And that's damn sorry and bad for the environment. Jura, on the other hand, focuses on quality and innovative technological solutions that make your everyday life better.

Jura does not compromise on quality and has from the beginning opted out of the global race to produce the cheapest possible and then send a so-called bad product on the market. Would need help and advice for choosing your new espresso machine please contact us.