Whole coffee beans & espresso beans

Whole coffee beans and espresso beans from all over the world

Coffee beans and espresso beans are available in various grades and prices. As a serious coffee drinker, you can find and order online the most delicious whole coffee beans and espresso beans from all over the world. Delivery takes place quickly and typically within 24-48 hours, once we have received your coffee order.

Quality and price follow - but not always taste

Without compromising on quality, you will find coffee beans - and espresso beans in all price ranges - from the inexpensive coffee beans ROSSO to the slightly more expensive coffee beans, where price and quality follow one another. However, it is ultimately your taste buds that decide. This means that you can easily fall in love with one of our cheaper coffee qualities. Close your eyes and try your hand. Our coffee packs are a great place to start where you get a discount on our coffee beans.

Does your coffee need to be organic and fair trade certified?

If your coffee needs to be certified as organic coffee, fair trade coffee and maybe also delivered in compostable packaging, you should take a closer look at Molinari BIO. Not only is it organic and Fairtrade certified - it also comes in a packaging made of compostable materials.

Is 100% arabica the best choice?

Should you choose, 100% arabica beans or a mixture of both arabica and robusta coffee beans is up to your taste buds. It is important to emphasize that there are 124 different varieties of arabica. So, because you buy whole coffee beans made from 100% arabica, it does not mean that you buy the best coffee quality. Robusta is a stricter type of coffee, and there are also robust coffee beans in many different varieties and grades. With a 100% good quality arabica coffee, you can typically expect a mild coffee strength. Where, with a blend of arabica and robust coffee beans, you will experience a more exciting and vibrant coffee, where the flavours get free play.

How do we roast your coffee beans?

It is a myth that espresso coffee should be dark roasted. The short version is that with medium roasted coffee beans, you get the best opportunity to enjoy the quality you pay for. It is because of the roasting process preserves the coffee's natural flavour and aroma. A darker roasting can be experienced more bitter, and a light roasting gives the coffee a lighter and finer body. The roasting of our coffee beans is done at a temperature between 150 °C, - 210 °C. The coffee beans are shaken through hot air, introduced into a hardened steel rotating drum with a shake time of about 15 minutes. This type of roasting - also known as Slow Roast - guarantees a better flavour and aroma development.

How should you store the coffee beans?

Once you open the coffee bag, never pour the coffee beans into a fancy coffee pot. If you do, the coffee loses flavour and aroma. Store the beans in their original packaging and preferably dry, cool and away from direct sunlight. A fridge is a good place. If you do, an open bag of coffee beans can last up to 3-4 weeks without losing too much flavour and aroma. Coffee bags that are not opened should only be kept away from direct sunlight and heat.

All our coffee beans come with a one-way valve so that the gases can be released without any air to the coffee beans. It is the best alternative to freshly roasted coffee if not better.