Coffee brewers

Coffee brewers including our fully automatic Jura espresso machines as well as our reliable coffee machines from Bravilor Bonamat. All our coffee brewers are suitable for standing in the most demanding companies that need a complete coffee solution to cope with a busy day.

As a company, it can be advantageous to supplement two coffee makers with each other. For example. An espresso machine from Jura that handles the primary coffee and a coffee machine from Bravilor Bonamat that makes whole jugs of fantastic quality in record time for larger meetings and the like. Of course, for those who prefer to rent/lease a coffee maker or a complete coffee solution, this is also possible.

All of our coffee makers can be supplemented with accessories that give them extra functionality in weekdays. We have collected all the accessories available for both Jura and Bravilor Bonamat. We have chosen to focus on the two most widely used brewing methods, which are espresso brews with fresh milk and the filter brewing method, respectively. Any coffee solution needs care. This means that the machine must be cleaned, descaled, and the water filter changed regularly.

If you use fresh milk, the milk system should be cleaned daily with the milk. With us, you will find only coffee solutions that you can quickly service yourself in the company without expensive service agreements. All our coffee makers are delivered free of charge anywhere in Europe.