Loose Tea - made from whole tea leaves and the finest organic quality

Schlürf is rebellious connoisseurs, real connoisseurs of pure tea enjoyment without all the fancy stuff. Sipping initially means impatience, which, in the face of our fine teas is only human. After the anticipation follows calm. Stopover: At night on the cutter, breakfast in the fish factory, Sunday tea at Grandmas drunk out of the best porcelain. The world sips too little. That needs to change! 

Where does our tea come from?

Our teas come from everywhere. With certain teas, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to meet our quality requirements. Bad crops, effected by increasing droughts have, for example, significantly reduced the supply of Darjeeling and Rooibos, and prices have been rising. We are working hard to maintain and expand our range of safe and good quality sources.

Do you use flavours?

Of course! The most straightforward answer would be to have a cup of our Earl Gray Tea with genuine bergamot oil, and you will taste the nature. Only the best natural flavours and only in teas, whose character is thereby enhanced. For other varieties, we would never consider that. In the countries of cultivation, tea has always been flavoured with flowers, oils and spices. We follow this tradition, too, with a good sense of proportion.

How sustainable is your packaging?

Mainly we use cardboard and paper, naturally from FSC- certified sources. There exist excellent recycling processes for these sources. Whenever possible, we avoid the use of protective film and composites. We pack our products exclusively with paper and biodegradable films (PLA). Our printing inks are, needless to say, certified and hygienically completely safe.