About Coffee Time

As a serious coffee drinker, you can find and order the hottest coffee from all over the world. Delivery will take place quickly and typically within 24 hours of receiving your coffee order. 

The product range is primarily aimed at hotels, restaurants, cafés (ho.re.ca), the companies and quality-conscious domestic consumers.

Without compromising quality, you find coffee in every price class-from the cheap coffee blend. ROSSO to the somewhat more expensive, ecological, fairtrade and 100% arabica BIO. If you're more of a coffee guy, I recommend GUATEMALA ANTIGUA which is Slow roast.

All our coffee comes in a hermetically sealed coffee bag with a double valve. This type of packaging means that coffee beans are protected from light, air and breath. That way, you're always sure to have freshly roasted coffee by hand.
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Choose between whole coffee beans, filter coffee, espresso coffee, coffee syrup, tea, chocolate, cocoa, coffee makers, espresso machines and a wide range of accessories and care products.

Renjoy yourself, Frederik & amp; Co.