On the Italian Giuliano Caffé

Giuliano Caffé was founded by Michele Giuliano Albo near Turin in 1950, which means that the company has over 60 years of experience in the development and production of high-quality coffee.

Slow Roasted coffee

Giuliano Caffé put quality in focus, which can be seen on their ristningsproces, which takes 15-18 minutes per. party instead of the 5-10 minutes of the industrial process take. The mixtures rest for 5 days before they are packed, which allows aromaerne to be fully developed.

Giuliano Caffés has won the award for Maestro del gusto

Giuliano Caffés constant pursuit of the best quality has been rewarded with the prize "Maestro del gusto" 2017-18, which is awarded by Slow Food. This prestigious award underlines the high quality, good taste and craftsmanship, as Giuliano Caffé stands for.

The packaging, which speaks for itself, the

Story behind the packaging consists in that they have two main concepts, which can be seen on the package:

01. Everything comes from the coffee plant

The green color on the logo and on parts of the packaging symbolizes the color of the coffee before toasting.

02. To create a blend is a matter of balance

Therefore each coffee mixture a figure on the packaging, which symbolizes this balance/game, in which the mixture contains.

03. Inform the coffee properties in the design

Of each package are in the way, as a part of the figure, one or two circles. The circles must reproduce the mark, as a cup of coffee left on the table after it has been drunk. If there is a single circle in the figure (e.g. "Virtuosa"), it means that the coffee consists of only one single type of coffee (100% arabica in this case). If there are two circles (e.g. "Adagio", "Concerto"), it means that there are two different types of coffee in the mixture (Arabica and robusta). Cirklernes sizes indicate how large a percentage of each type in the mixture. So if the ratio is 90% arabica and 10% robusta, will the circle be large and the other small, while the difference of the circles will be smaller by the ratio 70-30.

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