Guide for descaling of coffee makers and espresso machines

Kaffemaskinens worst enemy is the lime. In Denmark we have some of the most calcareous water in the world, and therefore it is extra important to protect your coffee machine against scaling.

The calcium in your coffee machine to be removed effectively and sensitively with a solution from Cafetto and Law. As the only has Cafetto obtained all 3 certificates such as NSF, BFA, OMRI. Cafetto was the first in the world which introduced the clean and afkalkningsprodukter which could be used in the organic kitchen.

Why it is important to decalcify your coffee and espresso machine

How the clean-up and out descaling must be carried out depends on which machine you have. It is therefore important that you check your manual before you buy a specific descaler.

Descaler from the Jura is only available in tablet form where Cafetto offers its afkalkningsprodukter in both liquid liquid, powder, sachet portions.

Cafetto's afkalkningsprodukter can be used for all coffee and espresso machines:

Amino, Ascaso, Astoria, Azkoyen, Bianchi, Black & White, Bosch, Braslia, Bravilor Bonamat, Breville, Bunn, Carimali, Coffee Queen, Curtis, DeLonghi, Dualit, ECM, Electrolux, Elektra, Expobar, Faema, Fetco, Fioranzato, Franke, Futurmat, Gaggenau, Gaggia, Grimac, Illy iperEspresso, Illy® UNO, Isomac, Izzo, Jura, K-Fee®, Keurig®, Krups, La Cimbali, La Marzocco, La Pavoni, La San Marco, LaCimbali, Lavazza® a Modo Mio, Lavazza® Blue, Macco, Magister, Melitta, Miele, Moccamaster, Mocoffee®, Nespresso®, Nespresso® Pro, Nivona, Nuova Simonelli, Nuova Simonelli Microbar, Philips, Rancilio, Rex Royal, Saeco, San Marino, Scanomat, Schaerer, SCS, Siemens, Solis, Stentorfield, Sunbeam, Swiss Egro, Thermoplan, Wega etc.

Which afkalkningsprodukt should you choose..?

Check your manual, where there will typically be stated on the manufacturer recommends liquid descaling or in powder form. There is not specified any type, it should be up to you. In the manual, it should be stated how much solution you should use.

At the bottom of this page you will find Questions & Answers on the questions we most often receive from our customers.

100 ml. pr. 0.5 liters of water Cafetto Descalingliquid
25 g. pr. liters of water
Cafetto Descaling, powder
1 letter á 25 g. pr. liters of water
Cafetto Descalingpowder& letter
3 x afkalkningstabletter pr. 0.5 liters of water Law Afkalkningstabletter

Such a water softener you your Jura espresso machine

Below can see you watch a demonstration on how to water softener aJura S8 espresso machine. The principle is the same for all Jura espresso machines. Note that if you use water filter it is not necessary to decalcify your Jura espresso machine.

Questions & Answers for descaling

is Taking In reservations for the information on this page?

Yes - the above should be seen as a guide and it is your responsibility to seek knowledge about your particular machine.

How often should I decalcify my Jura fully automatic coffee machine?

Your Jura machine (Ena, Impressa & Giga) is pre-programmed to tell you when to afkalkes. And it happens after approx. 50 liters. If you are using the Jura Claris water filter, we recommend that you manually water softener machine a few times a year.

How often should I decalcify my fully automatic coffee machine?

If you do not have a Jura machine it should be stated in the manual that came with the machine. Check for liquid descaling or powder form. Dosage according to manufacturer's instructions. Alternatively you can ask the dealer who has sold you the machine.

Can I use cheap products like Vinegar or Minus Lime for my fully automatic coffee maker?

You can, in principle, do well. But gaskets in your machine can damage which means repairs. Both products are relatively hard at the machine and therefore we do not recommend using these or similar products for common. descaling.

Can I use Jura's descaling tablets?

You can, in principle, do well. But it is something that you have to look into depending on which machine you have. Jura descaling tablets are carefully metered to fit Jura's descaling program. Therefore, use descaling products from Cafetto.

Descaler from Cafetto - is it quality?

Specific. Cafetto is a widely recognized brand used worldwide. Cafetto is a sponsor of the World Barista Championship where their descaling products are also used.

What descaler should I use for my fully automatic espresso machine?

If you have a Jura machine, use Jura's descaling tablets. The dosage is closely aligned with Jura's automatic descaling program. For all other fully automatic machines, check whether you need liquid or powder descaling agent. The dosing must then be done according to your manual and Cafetto guide.

Why should I descale my coffee maker?

The lime in the water you use accumulates and settles, for example. on the heater which damages your coffee maker. 90% of the service repairs we have are due to lack of descaling where the fuse in the machine has gone or the coffee machine is burnt the same.

Are the products of Jura and Cafetto food approved?

Yes of course

Can I get a discount if I buy more descaling products?

Of course. We offer quantity discounts depending on how many you buy. You will find your discount on the product.

Subject to change, printing and image errors. The above is intended and should be construed as a guide under your own responsibility. Please refer to the manual that came with the machine and the manufacturer's instructions at all times.