Guide to Jura's fully Automatic espresso machines

It can be difficult to choose the right automatic espresso machine. The first question you should ask yourself is where and how it will be used in everyday life. Is it for the boys: you need to think about how much it must fill and what types of coffee you want to make. It only make espresso and coffee, or are you more for milk-based kaffedrinks as cafe latte and cappuccino.

Is it for the office it is important to think about how many employees you expect to apply it in the daily. They must have the ability to do milk-based kaffedrinks and who in the office makes sure to keep the machine intact. It goes without saying - milk is a live product and it requires a daily cleaning before you go home.

Swiss Law has without doubt the widest selection of fully automatic espresso machines and also produce the not the second, which is clearly making itself known in the quality. We have chosen to share Jura's products into 4 segments:



Compare Jura A1, ENA 8, E6 & E8




Compare Jura S8, J6, Z6 & Z8




Compare Jura WE6, WE8 8,X6 & X8




Compare Jura Giga X3 & Giga X8



Jura Home - this segment is for you and your soul mate who want a small, but delicious fully automatic espresso machine. It may well be seen - but it must not take all the attention. It must exude quality and be ready when you're ready. It must be able to brew wonderful espresso, coffee and maybe a café latte or cappuccino when you get unexpected guests.

Law Premium - espressomaskinerne in this segment will get automatically a prominent role in the modern designer kitchen. They are a little larger, large intuitive display find on the most models and the machines are loaded with small profit margins properties you can make the majority of speciality coffees available on the kaffekortet. It is to you and your kaffeglade family or small office with a few employees.

Law Business - now we are talking business! The machines in this segment fits perfectly into businesses with up to 25 employees, 80 brew on the day. Big water tank and big kaffebønnebeholder. Choose between models that only make espresso and coffee, or models which can make most speciality coffees. In the more than 25 employees or expect to be several Business models to be put together so that the capacity is doubled.

Law Pro - is there a need for direct water connection or 2 kaffekværne or a fully automatic espresso machine which can cope with up to 200 daily brew you should go Pro.