Guide to mælkerens on your espresso machine,

Which is great to be able to use fresh milk in your coffee rather than milk powder as the "man" did in the good old days. Milk is a live product why it is important that you keep your mælkesystem clean of fats, proteins and avoid bakteriedannelse. Jura's fully automatic espresso machines makes the process easy.

Now we are not familiar with the many fully automatic espresso machines, pods, machines and kapselmaskiner which are nowadays available on the market - but the starting point is certainly the same and where you can use one of our mælkerensprodukter.

Liquid mælkerens - the original from the Jura the Jura Mælkerens
Liquid mælkerens to theecological environments Cafetto Mælkerens
Powder mælkerensto the bl.a. Saeco*, Gaggia*, Honey*, etc.
Cafetto Pulatte Mælkerens

How to make a mælkerens

Below can see you watch a demonstration on how to change the perform a mælkerens on aJura S8 espresso machine. The principle is the same for all Jura espresso machines.


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