Guide to the correct cleaning tablets

The removal of coffee fat and maintaining good hygiene is extremely important for the coffee taste and the lifetime of your espresso machine.

Every time you make a cup of coffee, the coffee typically leaves 3 things in the brewery; 1. coffee fat residue / oil. 2. Tannins / tannic acid. 3. Coffee grounds. It's all the stuff that affects the taste of your coffee and can block and destroy your coffee machine.

Engineer Philipp Büttic measuring clean tablets - he has been involved in ongoing innovation in law for nearly 30 years.

Legal purging isn't just about cleaning your law machine. See Law also seals the surface of the components of the machine and prevents coffee residue and fat from becoming entrenched.

Rensetabletter from Cafetto is designed to safely and completely remove kaffeolier and kafferester from bryggeenheden to a wide range of fully Automatic, Semi automatic and capsule espresso machines. Contains only ingredients that are 100% organically degradable.

Caution. Cleaning your coffee machine has nothing to do with decalming. Look at ours. guide for descaling.

At the bottom of this page you will find Questions & Answers to the questions we most often receive from our customers.

Animo* Café BREW cleaning tablets
Bosch* Café S15 Cleaner Tablets
Bravilor Bonamat*
Café BREW Effervescent tablets
Café S15 Cleaner Tablets
Café BREW Effervescent tablets
Cafina* Café M35 Cleaner Tablets
Coffee Queen*
Café BREW Effervescent tablets
Café S15 Cleaner Tablets
Café F20 Cleaner Tablets
Café BREW Effervescent tablets
Café F20 Cleaner Tablets
Café F20 Cleaner Tablets
Café F20 Cleaner Tablets
Café J25 Cleaner Tablets or Law Rentables
Café J25 Cleaner Tablets
Café F20 Cleaner Tablets
Café S15 Cleaner Tablets
Café M35 Effervescent tablets
Café S15 Cleaner Tablets
Café BREW Effervescent tablets
Café S15 Cleaner Tablets
Nuova Simonelli Microbar* Café N10 Cleaner Tablets
Café S15 Cleaner Tablets
Café S15 Cleaner Tablets
Café S15 Cleaner Tablets
Café N10 Cleaner Tablets
Café S15 Cleaner Tablets
Café S15 Cleaner Tablets
Café S15 Cleaner Tablets
Café S15 Cleaner Tablets
Café S15 Cleaner Tablets
Swiss Egro*
Café F20 Cleaner Tablets
Coffee grinders Coffee Grinder Clean  (EJ fullaut. espresso machines)

How to clean your law espresso machine

Below you can see a demonstration on how to clean one Yura S8 espresso machine. The principle is the same for all law espresso machines.

Questions & Answers to cleaning tablets

Do you have reservations about the information on this page?

Yes, we are experts in law and do not have detailed knowledge of the many different machines that exist on the market. The above should be seen as a guide and it is your responsibility to seek knowledge about your machine.

When I clean my coffeemaker, does it also get decalcified?

No, it's 2 different things. Look at our decalcification guide.

How many times do I have to clean my law school fully automated coffee machine?

Your law machine (Ena, Impressa & Giga) is pre-programmed to tell you when to clean it. And that happens after about an hour. 200 cups. 

How many times do I have to clean my fully automatic coffeemaker?

If you don't have a law machine, it should be listed in the manual that came with the machine. You can ask the dealer who sold you the machine.

Prevention sounds interesting. But I don't have a law machine - can I use the legal cleaner?

In principle, you can. But it's something you need to investigate, depending on what kind of machine you have. The legal purification table has a weight of 3.5 g. incl. prevention.

- Is that quality?

Specific. Cafetto today sells their recognised cleaning products all over the world. Cafetto is the main sponsor of the World Barista Championship where their products are also used. Cafetto has a unique formula for each clean-up tablet, unlike others who use the same formula for all their clean-up tablets. Each cleaning tablet from the café is carefully composed depending on how fast the tablet should be dissolved, how it should be dissolved and how it should be diluted. This Way, Café has a tablet that matches most machines. cleaning program.

Caféetto was the first in the world to introduce cleaning and decalming products that could be used in organic cuisine. And as the only ones, Café has obtained as many as 3 certificates as NSF, BFA, OMRI.

Which one do you want me to use for my fully automatic espresso machine?

If you have a law machine, you can use the legal cleaning tablets with prevention or J25 from Café. Cafe's cleaning tablets are dimensioned and designed for a wide range of machines. See table above. We recommend you examine the requirements for your machine more closely.

If I clean my machine, will I be able to tell the difference between my coffee?

Yeah, coffee can have up to 800 different aromas and taste nuances, unlike wine that only has 200. If your machine (including coffee pot,
thermocouple and porta-filter) if not cleaned, you will experience a bitter taste or miss the original delicious coffee taste.

Can I use the cleanser in the water tank?

No, you have to follow the manufacturer's instructions in your manual. There's typically a separate chamber where the cleaning tablets go in.

Can the cleaner get too old?

No, they can hold for many years. Keep them dry and not in direct sunlight.

Are the law and Café's cleaning tablets food-approved?

Yes, of course.

Do the effluents contain chemical waste?

No, they're 100% organically degradable.

Can I get a discount if I buy several packages of cleaning tablets?

Obviously. We offer volume discounts depending on how many packages you buy. You will find your discount on the product. 

Reservations are made for changes, printing and image errors. The above is conceived and should be considered as a guide under your own responsibility. Please refer at any time to the manual that came with the machine and, moreover, the manufacturer's instructions. *Trademark of third parties not associated with CoffeeTime aps.