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We want you to have the simplest, easiest buying experience possible. But we know you might have a few questions. Read on for details about purchasing, shipping, order status, returns, and more.

Contact Information

Telefon: +45 7070 2250
Chat: see below

Shipping & delivery

F&experience; to know more about our shipping and delivery times, methods and costs.

Smaller orders can be delivered from DKK 39 only,  and if you order for more than DKK 500, you can expect;free deliveryYeah. For delivery to countries other than Denmark, please find further information here.

You can expect to receive your package within typically 24-48 hours if we have received your order before clockwise;13:00 på daily.

We typically deliver with Postnord, Bring and Danske Freigtmæ. 

Payment of VAT

CoffeeTime will accept a number of different payment methods that you can &table ; see more on below.

N å r you have finished your order, you may have the same ability to download your invoice (pdf). Otherwise, you will have the opportunity to retrieve your invoice by clicking the å link in your order-click &&ame ; or a &pSet.

Yes, you and we are receiving   all of the &g of the online payment options as   MobilePay,   Apple Pay,   Google Pay,   ViaBill,   Dancards, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro Mf.

Yes,   when   the box is &open ; you only llger the EAN-Invoice as payment method, and review the ø order your order. You will then receive an email where you are asked to provide your EAN number and any possible details. other information we need to make available electronic invoice in OIOUBL format.

Invoice Credit is  Only  for organizations with preå end  credit agreement,  As a company, you can see ø ge about f å credit that can be ø re n ø cleanly for st ø rre organizations that are unable to pay with any of below zero å end payment methods.

Reclamation & Return

Ø nIs you return your order or parts of your order? Or if you have an advertised  , you can find additional information here.

P &heing; all products ø have been given to us, cf. Danish legislation on consumer-k oslash; b, 2 å rs advertised right for private. In the case of goods, the right to be used shall be the right to adversate the number of the given product's durability period.

For private (consumer) (consumer k ø b) there are 14 days of withdrawal rights, cf. alm. legislation, calculated from the day they are received. If you are &levied to undo a ø b, you must just return the item in the same condition and m ø nLength as you received it.

Consume goods, e.g.. Coffee, tea, cocoa, syrup, chocolate o.l. are not covered by the right of withdrawal, cf. alm. legislation.

Customer Account

It is not a requirement to create a customer account at CoffeeTime, but it is a great advantage if you act on us several times.

It's simple. You click Here. and enter your name and email address. Use the same email that you used to use. You can always &open it later.

You can try to take a look at them. Here..