Rent a Fuldauntomato Espressomaskine

Don't tie the liquidity into your new coffee-field solution from CoffeeTime. When you rent an espresso machine, you have the full right of usage in the lease, exactly as if you bought the espresso machine in cash.

The monthly rendition benefits are fully deductible. You have no VAT equipment on the price of purchase and the espresso machine to be financed 100%.

After the end of the lease, you just hand over the espresso machine back to us. You also have the option of continuing to rent the espresso machine or buy it at a competitive price.

You'll find all of our Jura espresso machine here.

  • You don't tie up liquidity in your new coffee drill.
  • You have full usage rights during the lease.
  • The services are fully deductible.
  • You don't have any momentomever.
  • 100% financed coffee solution from 12 to 48 months.
  • Low monthly benefit that's customized to your economy.
  • You're not bound by the purchase of coffee o.l.
  • The equipment will only be returned after the end of the lease.

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