Prices, rebates & charges

Below will you find additional information about our prices, VAT, discount, and tax.

Prices & Tax

All prices here at the are shown at this time. 25 VAT unless otherwise specified.

Mix & Save

Discounts are provided on several of our products where it is specified. Mix & Save replaces our previously volume abate where you had to purchase larger quantities of the same items. Mix & SAVE allows you to mix between multiple products of the same type and to obtain volume discount.

Discount Codes

If you follow us on facebook, twitter, or receive our newsletter, you will automatically receive discount tags that can be used in our business.

Scatter charges

The Danish state is of the opinion that the Danes must pay another tax. The State has therefore chosen to impose the following excise duties. 

  • Raw coffee : $6.39 a per. kg
  • Burned coffee : $7.67 per. kilograms.
  • Coffeecatics : $16.61 a per. kilograms.
  • Coffee replacement : DKK 0,75 a/ kilograms.
  • Te : DKK 7,33 a per. kilograms.
  • Teextracts : DKK 18.29 per kilograms.
  • Kakao & Chocolate : DKK 22,08 per. kilograms.

 These taxes are also inclusive. at our prices.

Customs duties

For requests to be sent outside the European Union, we shall pay the customs duty to the carrier and shall be accompanied by an invoice copy. However, we are reservising whether there are additional local customs duties that are to be paid. In this case, this expenditure cannot be attributed to CoffeeTime.