Reclamation & Returnering

You can be sure that at least we'll be sticking to the alm. Danish law and guidelines as recommended and extracted from the Nets, Teller, e-commerce, the Food and Other authorities. Our shop platform is, by the way, approved.

Below, you can read about our return conditions and click here to create an advertise at the bottom of this page.

Our opinion of your satisfaction

It is our clear position that our goods, as well as the service we provide, must be in order. That means that the goods you are receiving from us must of course be in order and have been provided properly. And that the service that you experience in the delivery and contact with our customer service must be friendly, accommoable and effective.


All goods purchased from us shall be granted, cf. Danish legislation on consumer purchases, 2 years of advertising right for private. In the case of products with limited durability, the right to adverts is limited by the tenure of the given product.

Any errors or deficiencies in deliveries from us must be invoked in reasonable time after the error has been detected. It is your duty to indicate and on demanding to demonstrate how the failure or the lack of expression is. If you discover a mistake, you must direct your call to us as quickly as possible.

The right of the Federal

In the case of private purchases, there are 14 days of withdrawal rights in accordance with the provisions of the consumer. alm. legislation, calculated from the day they are received. If you choose to undo a purchase, only return the item in the same condition and quantity as you received it.

When the item is received back and approved, the purchase price shall be reimbursed (excl. Porto / freight and Expedition) to your account / card / credit within reasonable time. Cost of return you must conduct yourself.

Consume goods, e.g.. Coffee, tea, cocoa, syrup, chocolate o.l. are not covered by the right of withdrawal, cf. alm. legislation.


After you create an advertise (see above), you will receive the address as well as the information you will attach.


If you are eligible for reimbursement, the amount is inserted / reversed on the payment card you used or at alm. Banking transfer. This is done in approximately 20 000 8-14 weekdays-however max. 30 days.

If you are an enterprise with credit, a credit goes to a credit that will only be offset by your next payment.

The business conditions

Reference is made to our alm, by the way. business conditions.