Looking for real coffee?

At CoffeeTime® you will always find good quality coffee. We do not hide poor quality by dark-roasting the beans and the like.

Real coffee of the highest quality

The Sunday Newspaper recently published an article about Danes drinking waste coffee. It was based on coffee sold in the Danish supermarkets. We distance ourselves from coffee producers who use a waste product - we are in favour of good quality coffee at fair prices!

Molinari Bio Arabica Espresso Beans (500g)

Welcome to CoffeeTime where you get real coffee

90% of all our coffee and espresso beans are medium roasted. And we use the same beans for our filter coffee and espresso coffee. You can therefore be sure that we do not hide a poor quality by dark-roasting our coffee.

We do not use cheap green coffee beans where the harvest has been subjected to diseases or insect infestation.

After roasting, fill the coffee in a hermetically sealed coffee bag with a double valve. The coffee is protected from sunlight, air, and can get rid of its natural gases through the valve.

Molinari Bio are packed in compostable packaging and meet all the requirements referred to in Article 1(1) of Regulation (EC) No 1782/2003; the European standard EN 13432, which ensures that the packaging breaks down completely under composting conditions and does not leave any harmful residues.

Our coffee is without additives and mycotoxin. In other words, we are talking about real coffee and espresso.

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