Complaints & Returns


You can be sure that we stick to all EU legislation as well as the guidelines that are recommended and set out for e-commerce, the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration and other authorities.

Below you can read about our return conditions and create a complaint at the bottom of this page.

Our attitude to your satisfaction

It is our clear position that our goods as well as the service we provide must be in order. This means that the goods you receive from us must of course be in order and have been delivered correctly. And that the service you experience in connection with the delivery and in contact with our customer service must be friendly, welcoming and efficient.


All goods purchased from us are granted, cf. Danish legislation on consumer purchases, a 2-year right of complaint private consumers (B2C. For goods with a limited shelf life, the right to advertise is limited by the shelf life of the given product.

Any errors or omissions in deliveries from us must be invoked within a reasonable time after the error is discovered. It is your duty to indicate and on request show how the error or defect manifests itself. If you discover an error, please contact us as soon as possible.

Right of withdrawal

For private consumer purchases (B2C) there is a 14-day right of withdrawal, cf. legislation, from the day they are received. If you choose to cancel a purchase, simply return the item in the same condition and quantity as you received it.

Once the item has been received back and approved, the purchase price (excl. Postage/shipping and handling) will be refunded to your account/card/credit note within a reasonable time. You must bear the cost of return yourself.

Consumables such as coffee, tea, cocoa, syrup, chocolate, etc. are not covered by the right of withdrawal, cf. legislation.


Once you have created a complaint (see above), you will be informed of the address and what information you must enclose.


If you are entitled to a refund, the amount will be deposited/refunded on the payment card you have used or by ordinary bank transfer. This happens within approx. 8-14 working days - however, max. 30 days.

The Terms and Conditions

Reference is also made to our general terms and conditions.

Return & complain form

If you have a complaint, regret your purchase or have ordered some wrong items, simply fill out the form below.