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StoreCredit the easy way

StoreCredit serves as an account card where we can insert an amount that you can then spend on The purpose of StoreCredit is to make it even easier for you to shop on rather than remembering discount codes etc.

    How does StoreCredit work?

    For example, if you order a product where we have included StoreCredit you will receive by email a virtual card where the amount is stated. You now have the opportunity to shop on and at Checkout you simply pay with your StoreCredit card which is linked up to your email. You can see your balance through your account at any time and the card can be stored in your Wallet on your iPhone just like a normal credit card.

    Produkter med StoreCredit

    Questions & answers

    How do I order products with StoreCredit?
    You order as normal. As soon as we have received your order you will receive an email with StoreCredit which you can use immediately.

    Is StoreCredit personal?
    No, it's up to you how it's used.

    Is there an expiration date on StoreCredit?
    There typically 24 months and it will always appear on the card you receive by email.

    Can I have my balance paid out in cash?
    No, your receivable must be used on

    Are you going to replace discount codes with StoreCredit?
    No, we will continue to send out discount codes via our newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.