Jura Giga 5 in 3 beautiful colors

Jura Giga 5 sets a new standard in performance, aesthetics and perfection for the coffee machine segment. Professional technology has found its way into the homes of people who demand the highest standards. With the power of two grinders, two heating systems and two pumps the machine produces two coffee specialities at once, providing an unprecedented range of specialities and fulfilling the coffee lover’s every dream.

Fast and quiet as a whisper thanks to two ceramic disc grinders. Milk and coffee at the same time thanks to two flowmeters, two pumps and two separate heating systems. 19 individually programmable speciality coffees Create your speciality coffee in no time thanks to a TFT display with Rotary Selection. Pure, clean lines for a unique, sovereign character.


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Piano Black
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The epitome of quality – doubled. With the combined power of two grinders, two heating systems, two pumps and two fluid systems, the machine prepares every speciality coffee to perfection.



Fast and quiet as a whisper. Two professional, virtually wear-free ceramic disc grinders with electronic adjustment guarantee precise, consistent grinding for years to come.



Milk and coffee in a perfect duet. The GIGA 5 is the first automatic coffee machine from JURA designed to prepare the perfect caffè latte. Its secret lies in the optimum mix of milk and coffee during preparation. The only way to achieve this is for the milk and coffee to flow into the cup at the same time. The GIGA 5 can prepare coffee and heat up milk simultaneously, a feature previously restricted to professional machines in the most elegant bars and restaurants. Finally, the coffee is topped with a crown of milk foam.



Your speciality coffee in no time. The intuitive control concept with TFT display, Rotary Selection and easy-to-identify preparation buttons make it easy to create the beverage you want.



Because the machine houses two powerful grinders, two pumps and two heating systems in a small space, a lot of heat and steam are produced. Heat is automatically guided out of the machine by the striking, adjustable Venti Ports, which also supply fresh air, working harmoniously with the electronic ventilation system.



You're Personal Barista Specialities. 

Now you can become a professional barista in a flash. The recipes for 12 tempting and original coffee creations are selected with the Rotary Switch. The GIGA 5 uses text and pictures to guide you through the preparation process - so you can treat yourself and your guests to some delicious coffee creations! A truly pleasurable experience for the palate – and a treat for the eyes too.

Care products for your Jura Giga 5

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