Why you should clean your coffee machine & espresso machine?

Clean your Jura Coffee Machine with Jura TabletsCoffee is by nature a very oily substance. Every time you make coffee, deposits of coffee fats and coffee oils from the beans - and lime deposits from hard water - remain inside the coffee maker.

These residues turn rancid over time and adversely affect the aroma of the coffee. In addition, this is an ideal breeding ground for mould and bacteria.

This accumulation of debris will eventually clog sieves and hoses, and ultimately will be responsible for machine malfunctions and breakdowns.

In addition to the health aspect, namely avoidance of mould and bacteria formation, a professionally maintained and cleaned coffee machine is essential for a genuine and perfect coffee aroma. In the process, you also avoid unnecessary breakdowns and malfunctions of your coffee machine.

Cleaning your Jura machine at the touch of a button

In combination with the integrated, electronically controlled cleaning programme, the Jura's cleaning tablet reliably removes coffee fats between the brewing unit and the coffee spout. As well as cleaning it also seals all the pipes, delaying the deposition of coffee fat with lasting effectiveness. Everything happens at the touch of a button and without the user having to reach into the machine.