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Jura Claris Smart Water Filter Cartridge

Jura Claris Smart Water Filter Cartridge


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The Jura Claris Smart Water Filter Cartridge was designed for all Jura machines with the intelligent water system, I.W.S.®  (see compatible list below).

Claris Smart Filter Cartridge works according to the professional up-flow principle and always filters exactly the amount of water required for each preparation.

The modified granule always filters limescale to an optimum level, even when the water hardness is low and reduces the level of all harmful substances more efficiently than ever before.

Thanks to the pioneering formula by Jura, the water filter cartridges are ideally suited to mains water anywhere in the world. Minerals and fluorides that are important for helping flavours to develop are fully retained in the water.

The optimum stabilisation of limescale and efficient filtering of harmful substances always results in optimum water quality for a perfect coffee flavour.

Claris Smart filter cartridge capacity: Up to 65 litres.

Claris Smart Cartridge with RFID technology

Jura Claris Smart Water Filter Cartridge from Jura revolutionises water filtration. For the first time, thanks to modern RFID (Radio-frequency Identification) technology, a Jura coffee machine can continually communicate with the smart filter. It recognizes whether a filter has been inserted and automatically activates the appropriate mode.

The Jura Claris Smart Cartridge continually collects information about filter use and alerts you when the filter capacity has been exhausted. This not only makes changing the filter easier than ever before, but also allows the Claris Smart filter to achieve optimum effectiveness.

Automatic Smart Filter Detection

To enable the filter and coffee machine to communicate, Jura uses modern RFID technology. Any Jura coffee machine fitted with the intelligent water system (I.W.S.®) recognizes when a filter is inserted, automatically switches to filter mode and starts the rinsing process.

When the filter capacity is nearly used up the Jura machine prompts you to change the filter. If the filter is not changed, the machine activates descaling mode. After a certain amount of use, you are prompted to descale the machine. This can only be done when the filter is removed, so there is no more risk of user error resulting from misunderstandings.

No need for descaling with Claris Smart Cartridge

Used correctly, the Jura Smart Filter Cartridge removes the need for descaling completely. This makes your machine easier to use and saves you valuable time. Clean pipes, heating elements and a pump without calcium deposits demonstrably extend the life of your automatic machine and help it to retain its value.

Jura Claris Smart Cartridge are designed especially for Jura’s automatic coffee machines and it is placed directly in the water tank.

Compatible Jura machines

The Jura Claris Smart Water Filter Cartridge was designed for the following Jura machines with the Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.®):

Jura ENA Line

  • Jura ENA 8

Jura D line

  • Jura D6
  • Jura D60
  • Jura D600

Jura E line

  • Jura E8
  • Jura E80
  • Jura E800
  • Jura E6
  • Jura E60
  • Jura E600

Jura J line

  • Jura J6
  • Jura J600

Jura S line

  • Jura S8
  • Jura S80

Jura Z line

  • Jura Z8
  • Jura Z6

Jura WE line

  • Jura WE 6
  • Jura WE 8

And more - please read your manual first to make sure your water tank is compatible with the Claris Smart cartridge system.

Claris Smart Filter Capacity

The capacity of the Smart Filter cartridge depends on the water hardness.

  • at 1-5° dH: up to 65 l
  • at 6-10° dH: up to 60 l
  • at 11-15° dH: up to 55 l
  • at 16-20° dH: up to 50 l
  • at 21-25° dH: up to 45 l
  • at 26-30° dH: up to 40 l

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