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Molinari Caffè Espresso Coffee Beans (1000g)


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Molinari Caffè Espresso Coffee Beans is a blend with intriguing personality that combines body and average acidity with the flavour of chocolate and spices, thus making it ideal for those who love a coffee with a well proportioned and balanced savour and with a persistent and striped cream.

Flavor notes: Dark chocolate, caramel, smoke, tobacco.

What can you expect from Molinari Caffè Espresso Coffee Beans?

STRENGTH - from mild to heavy
Kaffen er rated til 4
BODY - from light to full
Kaffen er rated til 1
ACIDITY - from low to high
Kaffen er rated til 1
ROASTING - from light to dark
Kaffen er rated til 3
ARABICA - amount of arabica used
Kaffen er rated til 3

Customer Reviews

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Svend J.

Super delicious creamy coffee. My guests love it and they each enjoy a cup from my Jura S8 machine. Highly recommended.

Kirsten B.H.

Super good Espresso bean - can be recommended

Tinna H.O.

Fast delivery and delicious products.